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Kelo Cote Gel

KELO COTE gel is an advanced formula silicone treatment which helps ameliorate the appearance of scars and helps help them from forming. Their gels are top the list of the first line treatment for scars by healthcare professionals which include plastic surgeons.

About Kelo Cote Gel

Kelo Cote is a treatment for abnormal scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids. The treatment is an easy to use silicone grounded gel, which uses Siliclear Complex silicones and dries on the skin within twinkles of the operation. The subcaste of Kelo- pen on the skin is thin, permeable, transparent and leakproof. Kelo- pen is biocompatible, suitable for both grown-ups and children and indeed those with sensitive skin.

Kelo products can help with the reduction of multitudinous types of scars, including
– New and old scars
-Post-surgical scars
– Cosmetic surgery
– Keloid scars
– Burns
Superficial scars
– Hypertrophic scars
nonentity bite scars
– Scars from skin conditions

Kelo products are clinically proven to
Flatten the scar face and reduce the appearance of scars
Reduce greenishness from scar vexation
Reduce and ameliorate discolouration of the scar
Relieve itching and discomfort of the scar
Maintain the humidity and hydration of the skin

Available Options

Both the gel and spray options of the product are available for the ease of use. The spray works in the same way as the gel, although the spray can be applied without having to touch the skin. This is salutary to particularly painful scars that can be distressing to touch and rub, in addition to being accessible for areas of the body that are delicate to reach.

Kelo- pen can be used on large face areas of the body, including joints and flexures. Medical pressure garments can also be used with Kelo- pen.

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